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Morgantown is a town in Jackson Township, Morgan County, Indiana, United States. The population was 986 at the 2010 census.

Morgantown was founded by Robert Bowles and Samuel Teeters, who first laid out 52 lots in the month of March, 1831. The first resident of Morgantown was Samuel Teeters, who located there in 1828 and was afterward joined by John Bowles and many others. By 1836, the village had a population of about fifteen families (or seventy persons) and multiple businesses. Among the first businesses were several liquor stores, the first of which opened in 1831. A general store opened in 1832, and the first store of goods opened in 1834 with about $2,000 worth of goods (approximately $45,000 after inflation). In 1835, Col. John Vawter sent a stock of general merchandise, worth about $3,000 (approximately $66,000 after inflation), in charge of James Chambers, to Morgantown, but did not move there himself until 1849. After moving to Morgantown, Vawter became the founder and first pastor of the Baptist Church. He gave and bore the expense of construction of the brick church, costing about $2,000 (approximately $54,000 after inflation).

In 1987 "Colonel Vawter's Day" was established and is celebrated in the third week of September in Morgantown.